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First let’s start with WIFI. The wireless technology is an important one in my home environment since both my desktop PC and Laptop rely on the Belkin 802.11g protocol.It provides me with flexibility and enough speed for my daily usage. Then there is the Sony PSP system; being also WIFI compatible allows me to browse the Internet from anywhere in and around the house. The screen is 3 ¾” wide and 2 ¼” High with a display (480×272 pixels, 16.77 million colors). I can easily sit down or lay down to watch one or two, twenty minutes of video with it. A small MP3 player is then used as sleeping aid in that I fall asleep listening to economic or technology reports. I rarely play video games anymore but instead browse the net for news in the living room while I let the wife drive the TV remote control. At this point in time I have yet to find a suitable replacement device for my home base needs. 

If it only had a built-in PIM I would be so happy but then again using the built in input keyboard is a core has it does not have a touch screen. This is one fine multimedia devices for listening to MP3, viewing photos, play games, browse the net (at home) and watch movies. An additional 2 GIG memory duo would be helpful for extra media portability along with a spare battery. Compared to a portable DVD player with better screen size, it is however much quieter since the PSP uses flash memory and do not need to carry extra DVD discs. If I were to leave on a long trip I would take either the PSP and DVD player or more likely the Sony VAIO laptop fully charged with plenty of media and charger.

 Then there’s my Motorola V551 cell phone and Palm T3 that I take with me during business hours and on weekends take the PSP instead of the T3 but sometime miss the T3 PIM. The Palm Treo 680 convergence device tempts me but early report indicates poor battery life. And that is the problem of portability. The V551 and T3 serve me well while on the road since the T3 is capable of video playback using the fine TMPTC player. The T3 320×480 screen with 64K colors is about 3 ¼” by 2 ¼”” The maximum capacity for the SD card of 1 GIG is a limitation and a typical movie size is about 170Megs for a MP4 file for both the T3 and PSP so currently 1 movie capacity for both systems. Overall, I would love to have a workable solution in a conversion device. 

Some phones of interest are:

 Motorola Q,  HP iPAQ hw6955 Very expensive.(3” square screen, 240 X 240 at 64K colors) With WIFI the screen is much smaller then a T3 with lower resolution. Available on Rogers Treo 680 Early reports are battery drain issues. Nokia N80 -Award at CNET the Sony Ericsson K790a with specs available on Rogers is just $250 Cnd. See it at Sony or Mobile review. First this is more a camera phone with limited PDA features. Make use of a M2 memory card and can display MP4 files. – Apple Iphone. Conclusion. For now I will stick with what I have and perhaps get an extra 2 GIG memory stick for the PSP and stay put. It makes no sense for me to change a T3 palm PDA for a Pocket PC PDA.  As for the Cell Phone, I have yet to find a suitable replacement. Perhaps the Iphone or the new slim Sony Ericsson? Time will tell.             

Update: I decided to kepp my Palm Tungsteen T3 and get a Sony Ericsson K790A a very sweet versatile phone.



January 18, 2007 - Posted by | Tech Toys

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